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Jasi Patcher APK 4.8 Download Latest Version in {2019}

Finally, you have landed on one of the official pages to download Jasi Patcher APK for Rooted and Non-Rooted devices. In short, Application can able to modify other apps by removing advertisements, and even it can help you to get rid of In-app purchases.

Most advanced patcher among all and needs Xposed Framework and Root access to do crucial cracks in the android applications. Non-root users also can able to install this application with the help of VirtualXposed and they can easily emulate the in-app purchases hack.

But minimal features you can avail when you use Jasi Patcher with the VirtualXposed. Still, the best alternative for native Xposed Framework in the aspects of Safetynet measure and for Android Pie 9.0. Isn’t it?

Custom patches are the additional benefit for those who always wanted to experiment the premium editions. Even I am one of them. 😁

Table of Contents

  • 1 What is Jasi Patcher APK?
    • 1.1 Features of Jasi Patcher:
  • 2 Download Jasi Patcher APK Latest Version
    • 2.1 Version Info
  • 3 How to use Jasi Patcher in Non-Rooted Device?
  • 4 How to use Jasi Patcher in Rooted and Xposed Installed Device?
    • 4.1 VideoTutorial

What is Jasi Patcher APK?

Advanced Utility Tool for In-App Purchase hack and the best alternative for Lucky Patcher. Have you heard about it? If yes, then you don’t need any introduction to this app. However, what all I can tell you is; Jasi Patch is way more advanced than Lucky Patch.

In short, the best Android automated Patching tool including Offline Server Emulation, Removing Ads, Patches, Tools and Utilities.​​ The foremost thing is; Developed by the Jaspreet Singh from India. Want to Donate? Donations are welcome if you loved his work. Check donation page from here

Formerly known as Uret Patcher, and I don’t think it is necessary to discuss here. Anyway, go on…

Features of Jasi Patcher:

Quite impressive features are listed here to know what are you getting with this android tool.

  • Custom Patch – Most popular App patches are here.
  • Remove Ads
  • Backup and Restore complete app data as like the titanium backup.
  • License Emulation
  • In-App Purchases or In-App Billing hack requires Xposed or VirtuaXposed.
  • Spoof IMEI Number, Model Number, Hardware serial, Brand name, Bluetooth MAC Address, WiFi MAC, and More.
  • Ad-Blocker device-wide.

Download Jasi Patcher APK Latest Version

Also, it has a premium version to unlock some features. But you can open it with a single tap without paying a penny. This is the craziest part that I want to face with all premium subscription-based apps.

You have a chance to give any suggestions or ideas for development. Contact him via Email [email protected] DOWNLOAD NOW

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Version Info

NameJasi PatcherDeveloperJaspreet SinghLast updatedJuly 06, 2019Version4.8Size4 MBAndroid SupportKitKat to Pie

How to use Jasi Patcher in Non-Rooted Device?

You must have VirtualXposed on your android device when you want to use Jasi in a non-rooted device.

Step 1. Download and Install latest VirtualXposed at first – Full Guide here

Step 2. Open it and now navigate to the Settings >> Advanced Settings to install Google Play Services in it.

Step 3. Time has come to install the Jasi Patcher in the virtual environment. Along with this, you have to install whatever the apps you want to modify or patch.

Step 4. Once you add all the apps that you want, now Reboot and activate Jasi Patcher in the Xposed Installer. Do reboot again.

All done, you can hack license and billing in many of the apps.

How to use Jasi Patcher in Rooted and Xposed Installed Device?

Some cases Billing and license emulation will work if you enable Support Emulation in the Universal patch for the target application. Here I assume you have Xposed framework installed on your device.

Step 1. Enable Jasi Patcher in the Xposed Modules section and do a normal reboot to activate it.

Step 2. Once you have done that. Then go to the Jasi Patch and grant root permissions. Now, navigate to the Emulation Section.

Step 3. Select the target app and enable License and Billing Emulation.

Step 4. Open Targeted app and go to the purchase section. Make an In-app purchase for free.

Want to know more? Watch the video tutorial by Jaspreet Singh developer of this tool


I hope you would love this tutorial. Take a moment to share this article with your friends and help them to know about it. Peace ✌️

Amex APK Download Latest Version For Android

Hey! You are just in the right place here you will know about Amex APK & What Is Amex so let’s begin the brief discussion on it.

Do you know that Amex is the short form of American Express so, that’s why many peoples ask about that what Amex actually is?

Now I Hope that you all peoples know about what Amex is & now I here I am going to talk about Amex APK which is for Mobile.

If you are a businessman person or an entrepreneur or a currency exchanger then you might need online banking for you to make your transactions easily done.

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And If you are from the United States of America then this American Express has great services for your internet banking they have the best Internet Banking services in the world.

For that, they made an Amex APK for Android phone device in which you can make the transactions within the seconds all on your fingertips.


  • Want Amex APK for Android or iPhone
  • Top Features of Amex for Mobile
  • How to Install Amex APK
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Want Amex APK for Android or iPhone

From below you can get the official Amex Application for Android & for iPhone also.   RegisterQR-Code Amex Developer: American Express Price: To be announced  

Top Features of Amex for Mobile

  • Easy to use.
  • Transactions within your fingertips.
  • Awesome user interface & user experience.
  • Check your account balance.
  • Check your membership reward balance also.
  • You can also manage your account alert settings.

How to Install Amex APK

  1. Well with this procedure.
  2. It is very easy to install Amex.
  3. Simply you just need to go up.
  4. And you will see a link of Play Store ID.
  5. Just tap on it you will be redirected to play store.
  6. And tap on the install button.

We are not behind this Amex APK for Mobile it’s all rights reserved to their original owners American Express.

Also, Note that we are not affiliated with American Express so, we also use this Amex which helps us a lot in our life.

Last Day on Earth Survival 1.14 Apk + Mod (No Root/Stamina,Skill,Coins,…) + Data for android

There is no place left for friendship, love and compassion. When the apocalypse comes you can trust only yourself and your gun.

Last Day on Earth: Survival is an Action Game for android.
download last version of Last Day on Earth: Survival Apk + 3 Mods(Root/No root) for android from revdl with direct link

Last Day on Earth: Survival :

Last Day on Earth: Survival apk A new, popular and entertaining action arcade game from the kefir studio for Android which is available for free on Google Play and in a short time more than 500,000 times have been downloaded from Google Play by Android users around the world and It is one of the most popular Searching in the space of last day on earth game which is full of dangers and threats control a group of survivors expand your living and habitat reinforce them!

last day on earth mod apk

Make a group with your friends and try to stay alive! Experience your absolute freedom when you build your base! research about new technologies, and update your guns participate in different battles until you can control the resources create your base in absolute freedom mode and using different items create a protective cover for traveling to different parts of this world and collect sources for yourself and Or attack the living and habitat of other players and Experience one of the most beautiful Android action games!

Last game on earth: survival apk mod is currently in the Play Store rating 4.5 out of 5.0 we have introduced the latest and the newest versions  with modded version for action game lovers! In revdl. in this game you take control of the

main can move around with the touch buttons on the screen Interact with existing objects there is also a wide range of enemies with your weapons and fists you can beat them one after the other and be busy for hours!

Last Day on Earth: Survival

The general features of the game can be pointed to examples include improving your skills by acquiring weapons and tools, Build a strong base to protect yourself and your resources, combat with wide range of enemies and zombies, discovering New Territories communicate with other players with a dedicated chat system and great design with its addictive gameplay.

Attentionlast day on earth: survival game is online game

Changes update:

  • — Time to spot the most skillful survivor of our post-apocalyptic wasteland. Slow enemies down, deal critical blows and more damage – weapon mods with active skills are added to the game!
  • — Now you can try various modification assemblies, save the best presets and apply them with a single button. This will save you a bunch of time.

Mod [No root needed] :

  • – Free Crafting
  • – Unlimited Gold Coins – add coin every time using coin (On Map, Reset Skill, Buy XP boost)
  • – Unlimited Craft and Build Materials – You can craft/build without having the resources (wood/stone etc)
  • – Unlimited Skill Points – increase
  • – Duplicate by splitting
  • – Max Durability
  • – Unlimited Energy
  • – Free XP Booster
  • – Infinite Fuel
  • – Working Magic Split

Instructions for installing and running the game:

Download and install the installer file first.

Download and unzip the data file. Copy the -zombie.survival.craft.z- folder on the -android / obb- device’s internal storage.

Run the game

Install :
1. Install Apk
2. Extract and copy folder “zombie.survival.craft.z” to “Android/Obb/”
3. Play and enjoy it

Download GTA 4 APK For Android!!

Playing games is always an essential part of our life. It may be once, but each and everyone has played games in their lifetime because of which games have become a trend among us. Mainly the youngsters get more fascinated with these games.

There are many genres of games played. It depends on us which type of games we love to play. But as per now, it has been noticed that action games have gained a lot of popularity in these recent years. And here comes the GTA 4 action game which attracted many gamers towards it.

When this game got launched in the market with no time, it became a famous name among the youngest. It gained popularity because of its unique concept of the real world in the game. It allowed you to experience a real-world life within the game.

Grand Theft Auto IV APK Information.

gta 4 apk used an original city design where players can create their account and become a part of it. It mainly focused on the concept where you have to chase the thieves from causing more trouble in society. It was indeed a cool game to play and relax. You can also consider it as a racing game. Using around the city, you can walk or travel by using cars or bikes in the game.

Requirements To Play GTA 4 in Your Android Device.

This game requires at least 3GB of space on your device as we know that playing online games requires high-speed internet connectivity. Thus it is no different for this game. You need a proper internet connection to play this game without any disturbances.

How To Download & Install GTA 4 APK?

  • Firstly, download the APK file of GTA 4 in your device. Download it from a trusted site.
  • After the download gets completed, download the OBB file. It contains all the data related to the game.
  • After these two files get downloaded, allow unknown sources in your device. Now follow the procedures below.
  • Open your device setting >> Click the Security & Fingerprint >> Tap the Unknown Sources.
  • Now open file manager, go to the download section and find the GTA 4 APK file.
  • Install the APK.
  • Now, open the file manager again and copy the OBB file.
  • And now open SDcard > Android > OBB > Paste it.
  • Now get ready to play GTA 4 on your mobile device.


Indeed GTA 4 is a fantastic game to play and have real-world digital experience. After you download it, create your account and follow the instructions given in the game. This game created a history when it got launched because it was the first game at gained so much of popularity and got billions of downloads. Still today, gamers love to play this game and enjoy the action world.

Download The Wolf MOD APK v1.7.4 (Free shopping)

In Game of Thrones, Wolf is the symbolism of house Stark – a strong, united, loyal family, always helping and protecting those around them. Ned Stark once said: “When the snows fall and the white winds blow, the lone wolf dies but the pack survives“. For a long time, wolves have always been worshiped in culture or religion. This animal symbolizes both good and bad sides, for strength, perseverance, solidarity, and success.

After reading the novel “The call of the Wild” written by Jack London, I wondered what it would be like to be a wolf’s life? I imagine it is a free, wildlife. We can do whatever we want without worrying about work or daily life. Luckily, The Wolf helped me answer those questions in a great way.

What is The Wolf?

The Wolf is a multi-player role-playing game released by Swift Apps. Unlike other role-playing games that I have introduced, the character you control is not a warrior or a witch but a wolf. Find food, water, hunt other animals or even fight other wolves when they invade your territory. In this game, you will experience the life of a wild wolf right on your phone.


This game has no plot. All your mission is to control the wolf and find ways to survive in the steppe. In fact, wolves often follow the pack, but this game you are completely alone. You are a wolf with all your instincts and bloodlust. Immerse yourself in nature, feel the power with fast legs and sharp fangs.

There are many other animals in the forest for your hunting trip. They can be rabbits, sheep, deer, … Buffalo floods are also good prey, but you should follow the flock to hunt them if you don’t want to be killed. Be careful because you can meet animals standing above on wolves in food chains like tigers, lions.

Upgrade your wolf

You can customize the stats of wolves including Health, Attack, Defense and Speed. After hunting and killing an animal, you will level up and able to upgrade your stats. Wolf’s attributes and skills are divided into three categories including Basic (normal attack, health regen, etc), Aura (crit damage, regen after death), and Special (frost spike, poisonous skin, etc ). Besides, there are also many types of wolves to choose from such as Gray Wolf, Dhole Wolf or even the legendary Black Wolf. Hunt, fight and become a true Alpha wolf of the steppe.


With high-quality 3D graphics, The Wolf gives you a great visual experience. The wolf’s behavior, appearance, movement, and hunting style are genuinely simulated to every detail. Besides, the world is open with many beautiful scenes of the steppe, old forest. In the Christmas version, all the wolves in the game wear a Santa Claus hat. That so cute!

Sum up

With a boy who loves nature theme games like me, The Wolf is a great game so I can explore the wild world under the view of a wolf. This game is free for both iOS and Android operating systems, you can download it via the links below.

VidMate APK 4.2009 Download Latest Version in {2019}

VidMate APK is the most excellent application after Videoder Premium for Android in the aspects of 8K video downloading capability. Yep, you heard it right. It supports up to 8K video resolution from popular social sites like YouTube. If you are looking for this kind of tool, undoubtedly this is the best one in the industry now.

Sometimes streaming content is not possible when you are out of the reliable internet connectivity. In this case, one of the options to pass the time is to watch videos which were downloaded on your smart device drive. This is why video downloader tools popular these days.

Unlike other tools, VidMate HD has a separate section for adult content. In this section, users can find a bunch of websites which will provide some unknown resources to those who are really interested.

And thanks to the developer for adding restrict the content option to those who are not interested much. If you are one of them, then feel free to enable the option in settings.

Table of Contents

  • 1 What is VidMate APK?
    • 1.1 Version Info
  • 2 Download VidMate APK for Android
    • 2.1 Supported Sites
    • 2.2 Features
  • 3 How to Install VidMate APK on Android?
    • 3.1 How to download VidMate for iPhone and Windows?
    • 3.2 Video Tutorial
    • 3.3 Final Words

What is VidMate APK?

VidMate is a versatile HD video downloader android application which has separate sections for everything related to entertainment. The features are quite impressive, and you can read them all in the features section.

Not only a downloader for sites such as YouTube, DailyMotion, Facebook, etc. but also able to find movies from anonymous sources. Also, it offers unlimited streaming on music and some tv shows in multiple languages (English, Hindi, Bengali, Telugu, Tamil, Punjabi, Kannada and more)

Moment tab helps you to discover some really cool stuff around the internet. Even, you can upload videos to their servers by using Likee

for Android devices.

All I can say is the perfect tool for all your entertainment needs.

Version Info

NameVidMateSize13 MBDeveloperUC WebVersion4.2009Last UpdatedAugust 21, 2019

Download VidMate APK for Android

Indeed, Playstore doesn’t host Application like these which are intended to download videos from YouTube. That is why VidMate APK is not yet launched in the Google Playstore since it violates their policies.

You don’t have to worry about this until we are here 😜

However, you can easily find the APK file below. Obviously, we are not only the one who hosts valuable files like this as other sites are also providing the same. But we are assured about the latest, virus free and official one for android device. DOWNLOAD NOW

Supported Sites

Below are some of the official sites that are supported by this VidMate app, and you can discover more by entering the specific video URL in the search bar.

YouTubeFacebookTikTokInstagramMSN VideoDailymotionBloggerMovierulzTwitter9GagVomeoTumblrFunnyorDieTEDTVFplayPagalWorldMusic OutHot MovieBollywood MovieSoundcloudHDvideoz


  • Over 1000+ sites are supported.
  • Images – You can find various trending wallpapers for a smart device.
  • Music – Enjoy ad-free music and even download them to offline listening.
  • Save Videos up to 8K resolution in .webm format.
  • Secure – CM Security verified VidMate. So, don’t need to bother about virus or malware attack.
  • In-App subscribe – This feature helps you to follow channels and get updated with new content through notifications.
  • Personalised Feeds – It recommends the content based on the location, language and historical behaviour. They implemented a system that tracks your behaviour as big companies do.
  • Movies – There is a decent collection on their repository. So, chances are high to get the desired one.
  • Status – These days, many are looking for the status videos to update on their WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, etc. This section is a real deal for them.
  • Moment – Lets you watch the videos made by the talented people who want to leverage their personal growth.
  • Dark mode – Help you use the app without eye strain.

How to Install VidMate APK on Android?

Step 1. Once you downloaded, go to the folder where it has been stored.

Step 2. Tap on the APK file and allow android security measure.

Step 3. Now, you are good to install. So, tap again on the APK file and install on your device.

Step 4. Open the APP and allow storage permissions.

Step 5. Now, head over to search bar and type the name your favourite video.

Step 6. Select the video, and then you can see the red colour down arrow button. Tap on it to know available resolutions.

Step 7. Select any resolution or mp3 from a given list and hit the download button. That’s it.

How to download VidMate for iPhone and Windows?

Only this application available for Android devices and yet there is no word from the developer regarding iPhone and Windows support. I hope there will be a development for them too.

Video Tutorial

Final Words

VidMate APK has tons of features compared to the TubeMate for Android by Devian Studio. Although it has a lot of features, still some annoying ads and notifications are there. So, it’s your choice to choose from both of them.

Surprisingly, SnapTube VIP for Android is another option to get same features without advertisements.

9+ Free Apps to Download Movies & TV Shows in HD (1080p HD)

Watching movies is one of the most favorite pastimes of many people. This is the reason why services like Netflix, Hotstar, Prime Video, and YouTube are minting billions by providing entertaining shows to their subscribers and users.

These services offer great shows and movies for their users.

Services like Amazon Prime Video and Hotstar also list movies on their services. They list both the latest and classic movies.

These services have emerged as the best alternative to cable TV as you can watch what you love.

But the downside of these services is that they won’t let you download movies to your external storage.

Then what if you wish to download movies for offline and wish to watch them later?

Are there any exclusive movie downloader apps that allow users to download movies for free?

In this article, we will be sharing some of the best movie downloader apps to download free movies online.

These apps will let you download movies for free without the need to pay any subscription fees.

These free movie apps are safe to use and they are reliable.

Without further delay check out the best apps and web services that will help you download movies that you love.

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Best App for Downloading Movies (Movie Downloaders):

  1. Showbox for Android –

Showbox Apk is the most popular media and video streaming application available for Android users. On ShowBox you can discover free movies and TV shows and the best part is that you can download the movies.

This is the most famous movie Downloader app to download movies for free. Showbox is a great service that offers free movies. Users can stream movies directly or can download movies for offline viewing.

One of the unique features of Showbox is, it streams movies in HD resolution which are good enough for mobile.

It doesn’t require any signup or login and is completely free to use.

Showbox for Android is not available on the Android Play Store. To install Showbox you need to sideload the Showbox APK.

Download Showbox APK from the download link given below.  Download Now

  1. Tea TV –

Tea TV Apk can be dubbed as the Amazon Prime Video for watching free shows and movies. Tea TV is a great alternative to free movie downloading apps like Showbox.

Though Showbox is good, Tea TV is way better as it has a beautiful interface and offers powerful features to watch and download movies for free.

Tea TV has a great and modern interface that makes it a better choice for streaming and downloading movies for free. Unlike Showbox, Tea TV has a stunning interface that looks similar to Amazon Prime video.

The best thing about Tea TV is that it is available for multiple platforms like Windows 10, Android and Mac OS. It means Tea TV can work on both Mobile and PC.

Tea TV is a safe and reliable application that can be used to download all the latest movies and shows for free in multiple high-quality resolutions.

If you have used Terrarium TV earlier then you definitely love this Tea TV as it is a great alternative to Terrarium TV.

Moreover, Tea TV offers many shows and movies and these movies can be quickly filtered out using the powerful filters inside the Tea TV application.

One can easily find their favorite shows with a simple search.

Tea TV has a huge collection of movies for free. Download Tea TV for free and install it on your desired platform for watching your favorite movies for free.  Download Now

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3. Popcorn time –

Popcorn time, the name itself defines the purpose of this app. Popcorn time is another great streaming service and is as popular as Netflix.

The only difference between Popcorn Time and Netflix is that the Popcorn Time app is free where is Netflix is a subscription-based streaming service.

Popcorn time is known for its huge collection of movies and shows that can be streamed for free and can be downloaded for offline viewing.

Popcorn time is a unique app and it works completely different from the first two apps listed in this list. Popcorn time app searches different torrent links to find the latest movies and shows and list them in the service for free.

It is a multi-platform, free software BitTorrent client that includes an integrated media player.

This way You can watch any of your favorite shows on the Popcorn Time app.

The app is completely free to use and all you need to do is to grab a bucket of popcorn and start enjoying your favorite shows in your free time.

The elegant interface and intuitive UI gives distraction free entertainment experience.

The app isn’t available on official app stores and you have to download the Popcorn Time App for installing it on your devices.  Download Now

  1. Mega Box –

The fourth app in the list of Android apps to download movies is Megabox Apk.

If you are frustrated by the ads that get displayed while using any of the Android apps then Mega box Android app is for you.

This app is similar to Showbox and Tea TV, but the thing that makes it different from these two is that it doesn’t display any ads while watching movies or inside the app making it a completely free app that is 100% free to use.

Simple and user-friendly interface. MegaBox HD offers a great collection of movies and shows for free. It also gives an option to watch your favorite movies with subtitles for free.

With MegaBox you can easily download HD movies to your mobile and can watch them at any time even if you don’t have the internet.

This is a great free movie download app for users who don’t like ads, to download the Megabox app for free use the link that is given below.  Download Now

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  1. OG YouTube –

YouTube has the largest video library with almost everything you need. Its library includes videos of different categories.

One of them is the entertainment category. You can find thousands of entertaining videos which includes both movies, shows, and short films.

Officially YouTube doesn’t allow YouTube to download videos from any of its services like the Android app and web services.

But if you wish to download and watch your favorite shows on YouTube then you can use services like OG YouTube.

OG YouTube is a YouTube video downloader that will help users to download videos from the official YouTube service.

Another interesting feature of OG YouTube is that you can skip ads from YouTube videos. OG YouTube automatically skips YouTube ads for you.

OG YouTube is a great tool to download movies from YouTube.

It can download any movie from YouTube for free. You can save these videos in multiple resolutions and watch them later.  Download Now

  1. Kodi –

Kodi media center is the ultimate most powerful entertainment app. It has several features tailored to meet all the entertainment needs of every user.

Kodi is available for Android from the official Android store. It is a media center which means that you can create your own service like Netflix with all your favorite movies and you can access them from anywhere.

Apart from this, by installing several plugins or apps one can easily stream their favorite movies using these apps.

Kodi entertainment hub is so powerful that you can discover almost every show you wish. This is way bigger than you can ever imagine.

Of all the above apps, Kodi is highly customizable and can be modified to meet your needs.  Download Now

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  1. Cinema Box  HD –

Cinema box is another interesting app that lets you stream and download free movies. There are several interesting features with the Cinema box.

One unique feature that makes it distinct from other apps is that it supports many third-party devices like Apple TV, Chromecast and Amazon fire stick.

This gives seamless movie experience across all your devices.

It supports several third-party devices and offers great controls like parental controls to restrict content based on audience age.

The app allows you to load subtitles so that you can enjoy movies in your desired language.

Just like other apps cinema box is not available on the Play Store. So you have to download the Cinema Box HD APK file and install it on your Android phone.  Download Now

  1. Bee Movies App –

If you are from India then Bee movies Android application is the best free movie downloading application for you.

Bee Movies App offers several regional contents and local shows that are exclusive to India.

The App also offers the latest and trending movies of Bollywood, Tollywood, and Kollywood.

In addition to this, you can also search Hollywood movies dubbed in local languages.

The Bee movies app actively uploads the latest and running shows all the while and you can instantly download them for offline to your personal storage.

Overall Bee movies a great choice fire uses in India as they can find all the movies that are available in India at one place.  Download Now

  1. TubeMate –

TubeMate is another powerful video downloader application can be used to download movies from online Video services. It is similar to OG YouTube but the additional advantage with this is that it allows you to download videos from other streaming services like Facebook and Vimeo.

TubeMate is one of the reputed video download tools. The main advantage of using this tool is that it can download any video if you have the Video URL. It gives you the option to select the output video resolution.

So TubeMate is another worthy and trusty application to download movies for free from online video websites.  Download Now

  1. Amazon Prime Video –

This is a popular authentic and original video streaming service with the latest and exclusive original content.

There is a reason for mentioning this app on this list as it is one of the genuine and most popular movie streaming services.

Though Amazon Prime Video doesn’t let you download movies to your offline storage it has an option to download movies for offline viewing.

This feature comes handy when you are out of internet connectivity or if you are traveling.

Amazon Prime Video is available on Google Play Store and you can directly download it from the app store.  Download Now

The only downside of this application is that it requires a premium membership which costs very less.

YouTube Vanced APK Download for Android

Hey Guys, In this post I will tell you about how can you download YouTube Vanced APK from your phone. Many of you have thought at least once that the youtube app should not show those annoying Advertisements and should play video after exiting the YouTube app. Well Good News guy’s we have YouTube Vanced here. YouTube Vanced is a modded version of Official YouTube app. This app is from the popular XDA Developers Forum. A team of Android developers have made this app to add features which we wanted to be in the official YouTube app. YouTube which is owned by Google is the one of the most successful app (or) website. It has millions and billions of Videos shared by YouTube Users.

We can install as rooted or unrooted user. But, there are some chances that it may not work on non-root device if you cannot uninstall the original YouTube app completely. Yes you heard it right, if you want YouTube Vanced you will be required to uninstall the official YouTube app provided by the Device manufacturer. This isn’t surprising as such modded apps require the user to remove the original app and its data. It can play videos in background.

There are three ways to install YouTube Vanced

  1. Non-Root.
  2. Root.
  3. Magisk.

First I’ll explain Non-Root method then I’ll explain Root Method.

How to Install YouTube Vanced APK on Non Rooted Android Phones

  • Download Youtube Vanced APK from here – Download YouTube Vanced
  • Install it on to your device.
  • Don’t Forget to enable UNKNOWN SOURCES in the settings of your mobile.
  • After that you log in to your google account in YouTube Vanced app you just need to download another app called MicroG. Don’t Worry I’ll provide that app download link too.
  • After installing microG app, log in then you can setup all the settings you want.
  • That’s it.

Download YouTube Vanced on Rooted Phones

Prerequisites For Installing Or Downloading YouTube Vanced

  • Your Android device must be rooted.
  • You should have a custom recovery in your device
  • TWRP or CWM anything works fine.(I’m demonstrating using TWRP)
  • You can also install it using magisk.

How To Download And Install YouTube Vanced

  • Download the official APK of YouTube Vanced from here – Download YouTube Vanced
  • Download Flashable YouTube Vanced APK file from here – Download Flashable Zip
  • Install the downloaded apk, then move zip file it into the /sdcard folder.
  • Uninstall YouTube updates (You can do this in the settings of your device) and remove auto-update option in the Play Store App (Try to uninstall youtube app if you can do so).
  • Using TWRP flash the installer zip.
  • Open YouTube vanced app from your app drawer.

How to Install YouTube Vanced APK Using Magisk.

  • This is the simple and most successful way to install youtube vanced.
  • First one, YouTube Vanced is present in the magisk Repository. Using this download it.
  • Then Follow next process to Install YouTube Vanced on your phone.

Features of YouTube Vanced APK

  • Blocks YouTube Advertisements.
  • Background Video Playback Feature.
  • Override Video Max Resolution
  • Pinch to Zoom Videos On All Android Devices.
  • Casting toggle.
  • Three Different Themes (White/Dark/Black)
  • Video Playing window of 2 styles (new or old style)
  • Repeat videos.
  • Prefered Resolution and Speed feature

Wrapping Up

Have any doubts?? Stuck in the process?? Don’t worry! We are here to help you. Drop your problem in the comment box and we will be more than happy to solve it. Don’t have any problem?? Installation successful? Then give us a thumbs up in the Comment box. Stay tuned at APKTrendz for more apps like this.